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The purpose of all emails are to get the c level email list readers to click on the call to action and visit the webpages. Hence, it's not sufficient to c level email list measure the email message's success by how many sales ultimately end up making as it measure the effectiveness of the email message's ability to drive readers to your sales letter in addition to being c level email list able to measure how many sales that sales letter produced. People are checking their emails more frequently than ever before which imply you have more opportunities to have your emails c level email list seen and responded to than ever before.


SPAM filters, the subscriber's white-list c level email list preferences, ISP inbound email rules and other conditions that are beyond your control can affect the actual delivery of your email message. It is important for you to be able to track your "bounce c level email list rates" every time you conduct a mailing. Your web server management console should address c level email list every time. Perform regular list hygiene by examining your bounced mail log and removing bad  amongst these ISPs. Investigate and immediately respond to all SPAM complaints. You may want to avoid ending up on known spammer's block lists, and responding to any SPAM complaint in a timely and professional manner.


It's a good thing to know the percentage c level email list of people who are actually opening your email. Open rate is calculated by dividing the number of times that the image was viewed or loaded into the recipients email program by the number c level email list of email messages sent. In most cases, your email message will be opened within the first 72 hours after it is sent. A good open rate depends upon the particular market segment you are c level email list targeting, the quality of your list and the effectiveness of your subject line. The next important c level email list metric is the click-through rate from your email message to your sales letter/landing page or the number of people who open your email compared to the number of them that actually click the link .

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