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Full service email marketing is a great way for businesses to reach out to their old customers to inspire repeat sales. Plus, as your contact list grows, marketing b2b email list can help you connect with potential customers as well.


That's all well and good, but you might be wondering: What should my email newsletters say? Read on for some ideas.


1. Specials and Sales

Email marketing management makes it easy to advertise your special offerings to the people who matter most: your customers! Whether you're offering a Buy-One-Get-One special or free shipping on orders over a certain amount, deals of any kind can help your email newsletters become all the more compelling. Be sure to mention one of your offers in the subject line!


Bonus idea: If you're serious about making full service email marketing a major part of your advertising efforts, it won't hurt to throw in an offer exclusive to your email recipients. For example, you can include a code to enter during checkout for free shipping, 15% off, etc. This will make your email recipients feel like they're getting insider information -- which they are -- and encourage them to watch out for your emails for future specials.


2. New and Seasonal Products

If you don't have any special deals or sales going on, that's okay -- talking about your new and seasonal items is another excellent way to utilize email marketing management to advertise your business.


Perhaps you have a line of decorative items designed to match Valentine's Day, Christmas, or another holiday. Alternatively, you might have more generic seasonal items such as warm weather clothing or auto accessories designed to protect your car from ice.


New items are even easier. Even if your products don't correlate to the time of year, customers love hearing about new items -- and getting to own these products before anyone else has had the chance.


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